Mon Repos man dies after bee attack

A Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara resident died on Thursday after he was attacked by a swarm of bees while returning home.

Dead is Ramnarine (only name), called “Bush,” 59, a labourer and security guard of Lot 143 Block 8, Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara.

The attack occurred around 1pm on Thursday, Sunday Stabroek was told, as Ramnarine was returning home from the market.

He was riding along the Mon Repos Public Road when the bee hive, which was on a utility pole, was reportedly disturbed by a cow. As a result, the bees swarmed Ramnarine, who was stung about his body. He died on the spot.


Relatives said that they were told that Ramnarine was not the first person to have been attacked by the bees. They said several complaints were made about the insects but nothing was ever done to get rid of them.  “He is not the first, I hear for the past couple weeks, every day somebody getting attack,” a relative said.

Chairman of the Mon Repos/La Reconnaissance Neighbourhood Democratic Council Ayube Mohammed told this newspaper yesterday  that the authority had learnt of the hive after the attack and it was removed the same day.

Meanwhile, Sunil Ramnarine, the dead man’s son, related that it was customary for his father to visit the market during his leisure time. “He does always go and buy whatever he want and he does come home and prepare he food,” he said. He recalled speaking to his father on Thursday morning before they both left home for work.

Ramnarine would have celebrated his 60th birthday next week.

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