AFC voices ‘deep concern’ for sugar workers

-calls on gov’t to take decisive action

The National Executive Council (NEC) of the Alliance For Change (AFC) yesterday expressed deep concern for workers in the sugar industry who are likely to be displaced in the ongoing rationalization of GuySuCo.

In a statement yesterday following a meeting over the weekend, the NEC implored the government to take decisive actions over the welfare of the workers.

It proposed severance pay, the offer of land leases, access to small loans and access to markets for agro-processing.

In recent weeks, the AFC has been criticised over decisions that the governing coalition has made. Its calls yesterday over the sugar industry are likely to be met with skepticism.

The sugar unions and other stakeholders have said that the AFC has not paid much attention to the sugar industry since 2015. Moreover, it has been pointed out that an AFC Minister, Minister of Agriculture,  Noel Holder is the person who is currently presiding over the dismantling of the sugar industry to the dismay of GAWU and other stakeholders.

Holder and the APNU+AFC government proceeded to shut down the Wales Sugar Estate at the end of 2016 leaving hundreds without jobs and dozens of others having to make the decision to travel a great distance daily to the Uitvlugt sugar estate to find jobs.

Critics of the government have said that its own Commission of Inquiry advised against shutting any estate.

It has also been argued by critics that the government has failed in its commitment to the displaced Wales workers and the community to find alternative livelihoods for them.

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