Ministry receives tenders for oil containment booms

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) has begun preparations for environmental protection ahead of projected oil production in 2020 as it yesterday received tenders for oil containment booms to tackle any spills.

Six tenders were received for the supply and delivery of oil containment booms to the MNR and they were opened at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB), Georgetown.

The amount of booms needed wasn’t stated but the bids below show the companies that tendered and their respective amounts.

Back in July of this year, Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman had said that while there are criticisms about government’s preparedness for the new sector, much was being done.

“We are not concerned but that is not to say that we are adopting a laissez-faire attitude to just assume all is well. We are working assiduously to put policies and regulations where necessary in place by 2020,” Trotman stated.

Trotman pointed out that government was confident that by the time of production it would have acquired needed resources to enforce regulations pertaining to both environmental and occupational safety.

He said that a multipronged approach was being planned with the local Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) overseeing matters pertaining to the environment and his ministry and the Ministry of Social Protection dealing with health and safety. He believes that in addition to the international help now being provided in the planning the citizenry should not fear potential hazards.

“The EPA is the lead agency for environmental matters and they have been receiving support. Even now a Canadian consultant is with the EPA boosting capacity looking at production licences, protocols etcetera .The health and safety aspect will be shared between our ministry and the Ministry of Social Protection, draft regulation to get us up to speed by 2020,” Trotman stated.

“These standards exist elsewhere so we are incorporating them into Guyana with some adaptation that they meet local standards. We are looking to … import to Guyana the best environmental and best health and safety standards into the country. They exist elsewhere,” he added even as he pointed to standards set by the International Labour Organisation that has been assisting government.

The minister said that US oil major ExxonMobil and its contractors have also set high safety standards, “because whatever they do or not do, affects their share prices, international reputations etcetera.”

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