Former PPP/C Minister Ally Baksh passes away

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) member and former Junior Minister in the Ministry of Agriculture, Ally Baksh passed away yesterday after a brief illness.

According to a statement from the PPP,  from November 2011 to May 2015, Baksh served as the Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture.

Ally Baksh

“Hailing from Essequibo, Comrade Baksh served loyally in various capacities within the PPP including Party Supervisor and Member of the Central and Executive Committees. He dedicatedly served Region 2 for many years and during his tenure as Regional Chair-man he worked assiduously to help improve the lives of residents through the development of the social and physical infrastructures,” the statement said.

The statement added that the Party is grateful that Baksh was part of its structure and for his invaluable contribution to its development in the country.

“He will be profoundly missed. Our party and its General Secretary would like to extend deepest condolences to his immediate family, relatives and friends following his demise,” the statement added.

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