Ministry hands over Bishops’ teacher allegations to police

-headmistress to be reprimanded

The Ministry of Education today said it has handed over the matter of allegations against Bishops’ High School teacher Coen Jackson to the police and said it has also been determined that the headmistress of the school be reprimanded over her conduct in the matter.

The headmistress is also to make an apology to the students.

A statement from the ministry follows:


Coen Jackson

Ministry of Education’s official statement on The Bishops’ High School Matter

Today, the Ministry of Education concluded the matter pertaining to the Bishops’ High School Headteacher Ms. Winifred Ellis. The Minister of Education Hon. Nicolette Henry convened and met with the committee tasked with the handling of the matter. The team comprised of the Chief Education Officer (CEO) Mr. Marcel Hutson (Chief and final arbiter), Legal Advisor to the Ministry of Education- Ms. Kelly-Ann Payne-Hercules, Guyana Teachers Union Representative Mr. Lance Baptiste, President of the Bishops’ High School Board Mrs. Ruth Lee, President of The Bishops’ High School Parent Teachers Association (PTA) – Mrs Sondra Lowe, National PTA Co-ordinator- Ms. Nadia Hollingsworth, Co-ordinator of Health and Family Life Education (HFLE)- Ms. Coleen King-Cameron and the two Head Prefects of the Bishops’ High School.
At the consultation, a recording of the Headmistress’ address to the students was presented and the Head Mistress had an opportunity to provide an explanation. Based on the evidence presented and the explanation proffered, the committee found the Headmistress culpable of breaching the regulations under the Education Act 39:01 section 35 “Inappropriate behavior by teachers in school” which is liable to a first warning.

It was recommended that:
1. That the Headmistress be reprimanded
2. An apology be offered to the students and teachers
3. The Ministry of Education will provide training and support to teachers on how to deal with children on sexual issues.
4. Ministry of Education will provide counseling support which was requested by the students.

MOE concludes investigation against Mr. Coen Jackson
In the case of the Bishops’ High School teacher, Mr. Coen Jackson, the Ministry of Education Welfare Department in collaboration with the Ministry of Social Protection concluded its investigation and handed the matter over to the Guyana Police Force.

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