Police force using private contractors for maintenance of vehicles

Although the Guyana Police Force transport workshop is responsible for the maintenance of the force vehicles, private contractors have been identified in each policing division for repairs and servicing.

A police source, who did not want to be named, told this newspaper that the force’s transport workshop, located at Eve Leary, deals with the servicing and maintenance of all vehicles owned by the police.

However, the source informed that in an effort to ensure the maintenance of vehicles, the force has designated private contractors for each division to attend to any mechanical problems encountered by force vehicles.

In terms of servicing, Stabroek News was told that each vehicle is serviced once per month. However, in cases of emergencies, such as accidents, they are examined and the damages are estimated before they are referred to the private contractors for repairs.

Over the years, the Guyana Police Force has received vehicles that have been donations from various companies and foreign governments.

The most recent addition, worth US$2.6 million, was handed over earlier this month by the People’s Republic of China. They include 56 pickups, 44 motorcycles, 35 ATVs and 5 motor buses.  They were slated to be dispatched to the various policing divisions across the country to assist in crime fighting.

The US government in August had also donated two hundred bicycles and accessories to the police force and the Georgetown City Constabulary.

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