New Bagotville Bridge nearing completion

The almost completed Bagotville, West Bank Demerara, bridge.

The Bagotville Bridge is almost complete and residents who traverse the West Bank of Demerara say they are counting the days until its completion.

Stabroek News visited the bridge yesterday where it was related that it is “almost complete” since most of the major works have been finished. The bridge features an improved structure and walkways on both sides.

“Well, it has been a lil inconvenient at times you know but we know that they had to do it because the bridge was real bad. We just waiting and counting the days till it finish. Some days you does get annoyed because the other bridge they build there is small and you have to take your time and that makes the traffic build up but we know it will finish soon,” one taxi driver, Rakesh Ramotar said.

Another truck driver explained that it is “extra taxing” on him since he cannot use the temporary bridge and has to “go all the way around” through Parfaite Harmonie in order to  get to areas beyond Bagotville.

The temporary bridge that was built in Bagotville, West Bank Demerara, to facilitate the flow of traffic while the other bridge is under construction.

He also said that despite the extra gas he has to use and extra manoeuvring from the deplorable roads, he is well aware that the bridge needed emergency repairs and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure was not left with any other choice.  About three months ago the bridge was closed down after a section started to sink. A quick assessment was done by the Ministry of Public Infrastructure and subsequently works started.

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