No. 72 Village child, grandma injured by pellets during home invasion

Savitrie Hassan

A five-year-old girl and her fifty-two-year-old grandmother were wounded yesterday after a former neighbour invaded their home and discharged several rounds of pellets in their direction.

They were rushed to the Skeldon Hospital. Thirteen pellets were removed from the child’s left leg; the grandmother sustained injuries to her lower abdomen.

Savitrie Hassan, also known as ‘Seeta’, 52, of Lot 22 Section B, Number 72 Village, Corentyne said that around 3.30 am yesterday, her former neighbour invaded her house. She explained that she along with granddaughter, Renuka Hassan, also known as ‘Arianna’, 5, and her husband were sleeping on a “ground bed”. While her daughter and her baby were sleeping on another bed in the same room, and her son was sleeping in another room.

“We were sleeping and he come in and cut off the one light and all me hear is some shot fire and me feel me belly start burn and me granddaughter start cry and abie jump up…me start holla and me see he run out through the back door, like he open the door and so before he shoot”.

The woman explained that they then discovered that her granddaughter had sustained injuries in several places on her left leg.

The duo were rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital where they were treated and sent home. They have to return to the hospital today for further treatment.

Hassan said that it was later in the morning that they realised that the accused had placed one of their ladders, which was in their yard, on their back wall and climbed into the house.

Meanwhile, according to the woman, the perpetrator who had recently moved farther down the street threatened to harm her son while escaping.

The woman said that in October her husband and the accused were involved in a heated argument. She explained, that her livestock was going into a neighbour’s yard and her husband decided to “fix the holes on the fence”. However, the accused asked her husband what he was doing in the backyard.

“He tell me husband na trouble he wife and me husband tell he ‘me na trouble nobody me a fix me fence cause me na want nobody thief me fowl or let them go in nobody yard’”.

The woman said this angered the accused, who then started to curse and make threats to her family including her daughters and daughter-in-law.

The woman said she filed a report at the Springlands Police Station on the 21st and 24th of October, 2017 on the threats to her family by the accused. Last Thursday, her husband was heading to a shop when the accused armed with a cutlass fired it in her husband’s direction. She noted that she returned to the police station for a third time and filed a report.

She also said that “One time some neighbourhood police come and the man come down with a cutlass and start cuss how …no police can’t do he nothing, and them police lef and gone”.

She said last Thursday ranks at the Springlands Police Station told her that when she spotted the accused again she should inform them.

Meanwhile, Comm-ander of B Division, Lyndon Alves, when contacted yesterday said that the police were presently on the hunt for the accused. “We are looking for the man the woman would have claimed she saw in the house”, he said.

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