Shoe thief jailed after $400,000 theft

Michael Singh

Michael Singh, who police say admitted to stealing over $400,000 worth of footwear to buy drugs, was yesterday sentenced to a total of 36 months in jail.

Singh, a 40-year-old mason, was sentenced by Georgetown magistrate Judy Latchman after he pleaded guilty to two counts of breaking and entering and larceny.

It was alleged that Singh, on September 11th at 64 King Street, Lacytown, broke and entered a storage bond, property of Ashraf Ally, and stole a quantity of footwear valued, $40,520.

It was also alleged that on November 1st, Singh allegedly broke and entered the same storage bond and stole a quantity of footwear valued at $367,280.

Singh pleaded guilty to both charges but told the court that it was impossible for him to take all those shoes by himself. Singh, who asked that the court be lenient with him, did admit that there was a broken window, through which he pushed his hand and grabbed some shoes.

However, the prosecutor stated that after Singh was arrested, he admitted to officers at the Brickdam Police Station that he did steal the shoes and sold them to purchase cocaine.

Magistrate Latchman subsequently sentenced him to 18 months for each charge. The 18-month sentences will run consecutively.

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