Car parked on Camp St was hit by ambulance after collision – driver

The ambulance after it reportedly slammed into Jagbir’s car.

Natasha Jagbir, the driver of a car that was damaged following an accident along Camp Street on Monday morning, has said that estimated repairs will cost $700,000 and she is hoping for compensation.

Jagbir, an employee of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), told Stabroek News that her car, PKK 6924, was parked along the western side of Camp Street at the time of the accident.

The ambulance, PTT 2596, and Suzuki Escudo, reportedly owned by the Ministry of Public Health, were the other two vehicles involved in the accident.

Stabroek News had initially reported that the accident occurred around 11 am, between Middle and New Market streets, after two vehicles failed to stop after hearing the siren of the approaching ambulance.

However, Jagbir explained to this newspaper that she was at work when one of the guards informed her that an ambulance had crashed into her car. She said she immediately left and went to the scene.

The car, Jagbir noted, is owned by her father and she depends on it to transport herself and children to and from school and work.

Jagbir said based on what she was told, the ambulance was heading north along Camp Street, while the driver of the Escudo was waiting at the stop light at the junction of Camp and Middle streets.

She said that she learnt that the accident occurred after the driver of the Escudo reportedly did not hear the siren and proceeded after the green light. Before the driver could press the brakes, the vehicle clipped the ambulance, which slammed into Jagbir’s parked car.

No injuries were reported. However, a transformer was dislodged after the ambulance slammed into the parked car.

It is unclear whether the ambulance was transporting any patient at the time.

The matter was reported to the police and Jagbir said that she along with the two other parties are expected to appear in court next week.

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