Court clerks donate to Rose Hall fire victims

Lloyd Moore (left) and his son posing with the clerks. Sharon Correia is at right.

A group of court clerks on Sunday donated a quantity of household items, groceries and clothing along with a sum of cash to Lloyd Moore, his son and two grandchildren who lost their house in a fire on October 23.

Sharon Correia, the Principal Clerk of the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court, explained to Stabroek News that she along with clerks from Berbice and Essequibo were looking for ways to give back to the community when they came across Moore’s story.

Correia said his story is close to her heart since she lost her grandmother in a fire earlier in the year. “I thought it best to give back to him because I know what it’s like,” she noted.

She said the clerks hope other persons would be inspired to assist Moore so that he can “have somewhere to live.”

An emotional Correia said this is not the first time she has given back to her community, but this is the first time for the group collectively. “The workers of the courts are coming together to give back,” she said. However, she noted, that they hope this is the start of a yearly tradition of giving back to the community during the holiday season.

Meanwhile, Moore who is presently residing in a makeshift shack with his family on the Rose Hall Public Road expressed gratitude for the help. The man who sells herbs for a living explained while receiving the donation that he is working hard to locate a “place to live.”

He explained that the Rose Hall Town Council has threatened to remove his makeshift shack during this week. “Them say it na suppose to be over the drain, but me na get nowhere to go, where they want me live? Is just lil time I asking for. Everything done in the fire, everything a had and the lil money a did saving,” said a teary-eyed Moore.

Even though Moore has lost all of his belongings and is fighting to put a roof over his family’s head, he still took it upon himself during the donation to offer the court clerks and the media “water coconuts” to drink.

Moore is pleading with the authorities and charitable organisations for assistance in finding a temporary home.

Persons desirous of assisting Moore and his family can contact him on telephone number 691-6001.


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