Ten Linden youth to receive China mining university scholarships

Ten youths from Linden are to receive scholarships from the China University of Mining and Technology (CUMT).

According to a Department of Public Information report, Mayor of Linden Carwyn Holland revealed that the scholarships were secured on a recent trip to China, during which, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the City of Xuzhou and Linden to put into effect municipal cooperation between the two towns.

According to Holland, he was happy to have secured the annual scholarships for the youths as CUMT is one of the leading mining universities in China.

He explained in the final year at the university in China, the ten students will return to Linden to conduct practical exercises.

“We will have the final year students doing their practicals in Linden, where they will be doing things with the mining companies, along with University of Guyana students…plus digital mapping of the town and coming up with a full town development plan will be looked at,” the report quoted Holland as explaining.

According to the report, the Mayor also revealed that the council has collaborated with the City of Xuzhou to host a six-month exchange programme for athletic coaches, between Linden and China. Tourism and agriculture developments were also areas discussed among representative of the two municipalities.

“They (Xuzhou) are ready to take on our young people and to train them in China. All we have to do is take care of the airfare and everything else will be taken care of by them…they will be studying and working along with scientists in China to help our agriculture sector,” the report further quoted the mayor as stating.

According to the report, the collaboration will target development in the areas of agriculture, education, sports, youth, culture, tourism and infrastructure development.

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