Air-conditioning technician jailed over threat to kill neighbour

An air-conditioning technician, who suffers from a mental illness, was yesterday sentenced to six months in jail for threatening to kill one of his neighbours.

Alphonso Bryan, 48, of Leopold Street, was sentenced by Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan for threatening Onika Nedd on November 27th, at George Street.

He also faced another charge for unlawfully and maliciously wounding Nedd on the same date. Two other charges were read for alleged threats he made to Nicolette Martin on October 2nd and November 25th, at Leopold Street.

When the charges were read, Bryan pleaded “guilty with explanation” to the wounding charge and guilty to the remainder.

According to police prosecutor Arvin Moore, Bryan, who lives near to Nedd, frequently threatens her. He noted that on November 27th, around 11 am, Nedd was in her home when the defendant began to abuse her. Moore stated that Bryan went into Nedd’s home, where he pushed her, causing injuries to her right hand.

The matter was later reported and Bryan was arrested.

Moore also noted that Bryan escaped from the observation ward at Georgetown Public Hospital. However, Bryan’s sister stated that her brother was never admitted as a patient because there was no space. She did note that he is presently back on medication.

While the prosecutor did not go into the details of the charges related to Martin, the accused’s sister noted that the woman and her brother had shared a relationship.

Asked by Chief Magistrate McLennan what was his explanation for the wounding charge, Bryan explained that on the day the wounding allegedly occurred, he went to his landlord in relation to a fallen fence. He noted that as he was proceeding out of the compound in the company of his landlord when Nedd left her yard, which is on the opposite side of the fence, with a piece of steel rod in her hand and verbally abused him. He noted that she followed him and told him that he always “playing” his “head not good” and she hit him and he ran away.

Based on Bryan’s explanation, the court changed his plea to the wounding charge to not guilty.

Bryan was, however, sentenced to six months in jail for each of the other three charges, but he will only serve six months in jail as the sentences will run concurrently.

The proceedings for the wounding charge were adjourned until December 7th, when they will be called before Magistrate Annette Singh.

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