Cabinet gives ‘no-objection’ to contracts for road, sea defence works

Cabinet has given its no-objection to several contracts totaling hundreds of millions of dollars for road works and the construction of riprap sea defences, Minister of State Joseph Harmon said on Thursday.

During a post-Cabinet press briefing, Harmon informed that contracts have been awarded for road works to be done in regions Five and Six.

Harmon said that a $52.6 million contract was awarded for the rehabilitation of the Mahaicony Branch Road, which has been the subject of many picketing exercises due to its condition. Additionally, contracts totaling in excess of $263.6 million were awarded for road repairs in New Amsterdam. For Republic Road, a contract valued $59.4 million was awarded to H Nauth and Sons; for Main Street, a contract valued $140 million was awarded to A and S General Contractors Inc.; and for Waterside Road, a $64.2 million contract was awarded.

Harmon also announced that a contract in the sum of $118.9 million was awarded to Memorex Enterprises for the supply of 35,000 cubic meters of white sand for the East Bank Berbice road, project, while a $134.7 million contract was awarded to Colin Talbot Construction Services for the supply of 7,000 cubic meters of crushed gravel aggregate for the same project.

Additionally, contracts were also awarded for the installation of thermoplastic road markings for the roadway stretching from the Mahaica Bridge to Moleson Creek in Berbice; East Bank Demerara four-lane highway and the roadway stretching from Golden Grove to Timehri; West Demerara from Vreed-en-Hoop to Patentia; and the section of the Essequibo Coast Public Road stretching from Supenaam to Charity.

Harmon informed that a contract for the supply of traffic signals and accessories, worth US$906,200, was also awarded to Dax Contracting Services.

He informed too that BK International has been awarded an $81million contract for the construction of riprap sea defence at Ruimzigt, West Demerara, while K and P Contractors will execute a similar project at Cottage, Mahaicony at a cost of $92 million. Meanwhile in the area of education, Harmon informed that a contract has been awarded for the extension of the St. Stephen’s Primary School to the tune of $33.9 million, while a new nursery school will be constructed at Perth, Region Five, at a cost of $25.1 million.

As part of government’s ongoing efforts to enhance security in the hinterland and to provide the same services as those enjoyed on the cost, the Paruima Police Station in Region Seven will be rehabilitated at a cost of $19 million, the Minister also disclosed.

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