New Amsterdam’s Esplanade Park being rejuvenated

The Esplanade Recreational Park and Botanical Gardens (DPI photo)

The Esplanade Recreational Park and Botanical Gardens in north western New Amsterdam is undergoing rehabilitation work by the Mayor and Town Council of New Amsterdam.

Financing for this project which is  part of the New Amsterdam town enhancement programme has been made available by the Ministry of Social Cohesion, the Department of Public Information (DPI) said yesterday.

Thus far, extensive  removal of bush has been completed and the perimeter drains  dug. The facility is to be fenced and an arch constructed, DPI added. Among other work earmarked to be done is the fencing of the inner field of the facility, installation of 25 LED lights around the perimeter, construction of ten benabs, two kissing bridges, and a walkway among other improvements. 

The venue presently has a playground, pavilion, stand, a benab, a bandstand and some sheds. There are also several concrete benches which were donated by businesses, DPI said.

Recently, the Council through the Ministry of Communities signed a $14 million contract with a Berbice contractor to do further extensive work at the facility.

Mayor Winifred Haywood stated that the facility which was in existence for a long time was left to deteriorate by the previous administration. However, the Council with the help of a few corporate citizens has been able to keep the facility going.

In 1998, under the Mayorship of businessman, Errol Alphonso the town was twinned with Midland Texas in the USA. During that exercise, the playfield was rehabilitated and a pavilion was built (named the Midland Ball Field and pavilion).



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