Police graduates from UG heralded, challenged

Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine (ag) (sixth from left) flanked by the ranks who graduated from University of Guyana. Also in this photo are Crime Chief (ag) Paul Williams (second from right&25) and other senior police officials including the Divisional commanders.

Commissioner of Police (ag) David Ramnarine on Thursday congratulated ranks of the Guyana Police Force who successfully completed studies at the University of Guyana (UG).

The ranks who recently graduated from the UG Turkeyen and Tain Campuses are Superintendents Julius Wright and Mahendra Siwnarine- Degrees in Public Management; Inspectors Nicola Kendall and Kevin London- Commonwealth Masters in Public Administration; Inspector Dellon Elexey – Degree in International Relations; Inspector Alexis David – Degree in Communication; Sergeant Pearl Jacobs – Degree in Business Management and Constable Darryl Thompson – Diploma in Public Management.

Supertindents of Police Brian Eastman and Siwnarine, who received the Prime Minister’s Medal have been awarded a plaque from the force in recognition of their exemplary achievements.

Eastman won his at the 49th convocation whilst Siwnarine gained his last month.

At a gathering held in the Commissioner’s Conference room in the presence of the Force’s performance group, Ramnarine in his congratulatory remarks applauded the graduates for their efforts.

He also reminded them that they are members of a noble institution and whose services are in demand. He told the ranks that since they are now endowed with higher learning, it is expected and required that their performance on the job, in particular the quality of leadership and supervision they exhibit, improve to their benefit, that of the organization and their communities at large.


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