Rosignol NDC trying to regularize vending

The Saturday market which operates at the Stelling Road, Rosignol has been attracting vendors from near and far and the Rosignol – Zeelust Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) is attempting to bring the situation of illegal vending under control.

The Department of Public Information said that the authorities are seeking to have vendors occupy the stalls allocated to them within the building. However, the facility remains underused with some vendors having abandoned stalls allocated to them, in preference for vending at the side of the roadway, and this has led to congestion on Saturday morning.

Recently, officials from the NDC with the Police attempted to remove the illegal vendors from the Stelling Road.  However, the vendors refused, and the NDC for the time has conceded.

Vending along the road shoulder is illegal; as such, the NDC is not allowed to collect fees from these operators unless they are brought under the umbrella of the NDC. DPI said that there have been several meetings involving both the NDC and vendors, but so far they have failed to agree on a solution.

DPI said that the NDC, plans to continue discussions with the vendors to encourage them to return to their stalls, as well as to encourage the others vending on the railway embankment to accept stalls in the market.

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