Williamsburg woman warned that husband was going to kill her – relatives

Elizabeth Madramootoo

Relatives of Indrawattie Totaram, who was stabbed to death on Sunday evening by her husband, Krishna Latchman who later committed suicide, said yesterday that the woman had warned them that Latchman was going to “kill” her.

On Sunday evening, Berbicians were patiently awaiting the restoration of electricity when news broke that Latchman, 36, a labourer at the Albion Estate had stabbed his common-law wife of ten years. The man then ended his own life.

According to relatives, Totaram, 40,  who was employed at a Corentyne gas station, had warned them days before Sunday that Latchman was going to kill her. The last warning she gave to relatives was on Saturday, one day before she was murdered.

Omattie Totaram, also known as `Shanta’, 39, of Hampshire Village, Corentyne said that two Fridays ago her sister had separated from Latchman. The woman said Indrawattie had gone away with a man in his twenties who is known to the family. She said, the family at that time were not aware where the woman was and the day after she went missing they decided to launch a search.

She said Latchman told them not to worry that he was going to “deal with” Totaram when she returned home.  She alleged that the man had said he was going to “take a knife and bore she in she belly”.

Totaram’s niece, Elizabeth Madramootoo, 24, also of Hampshire Village, stated that her aunt returned to her home where she resided with Latchman on Friday last. “Before she come home I call she and tell she if she want let she come home and come by me. She start crying and say she want come home but she scared if he (Latchman) was going to do her anything. I tell she come by me and she said `yeah’”.

Madramootoo noted that Latchman had inquired frequently if they had heard from Totaram over the past week, however, she had told him no.

Madramootoo explained that on Friday, the day her aunt returned, she spoke with her over the phone, and during the conversation Totaram told her that she was afraid to stay with Latchman, since she was scared that he was going to her hurt.   “She deh tell me that he go kill she,” the niece said.

According to the niece, she decided to visit her aunt on Saturday where the woman again relayed, that she was scared of Latchman. “Me tell she call me when you ready and me go come for her and she been say yes.”

The relatives stated that Latchman and Totaram would often argue whenever Latchman drank. “He does drink on the weekends and when he drink he does want pick a fight and make noise and slap her, so she does go away and sleep at them neighbours and so.”

According to the relatives, Totaram had several unsuccessful pregnancies during the course of her relationship with Latchman. They explained that about four years ago, the woman lost a baby after giving birth. This, they said, took a toll on the couple’s relationship.

On Sunday evening, police were summoned to the couple’s house at Lot 26 Third Street, Williamsburg, Corentyne where they discovered Totaram with stab wounds about her body. Police also discovered her husband Latchman, also known as “Jukse”,  hanging from the roof with a wound on the lower region of his back.

According to the police, the woman sustained two stab wounds to her right breast, two to the right side of her rib cage and one to her right arm. It was noted that an electrical cord was tied around Totaram’s neck. The suspected murder weapon, a knife was retrieved at the scene.



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