Broadcasting authority launches website

The Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) has launched its new website.

According to a GNBA press release, the new site,, offers stakeholders the option to view and download the broadcasting guidelines for the management of broadcast content. It also features the broadcasting Amendment Act 2017 and other related telecommunications and broadcasting legislations. The website provides a special feedback option which allows stakeholders to make inquiries. Also, broadcasters can access the necessary forms when applying for a television, cable or radio licence and other information required for the successful completion of their application.

The release stated that the Authority encourages stakeholders to interact with its website and to utilise the available features. It added that the website is a work in progress and continues to be updated with information regarding the progressive work of the Authority and development in the broadcasting industry.

GNBA advises stakeholders to look out for training materials in the foreseeable future, the release stated.

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