Attempted murder accused, Swain leading defence

Osafo Swain

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan yesterday told attempted murder accused Osafo Swain that a prima facie case was made out against him for the crime.

As a result, Swain, of 29 Hadfield Street, Lodge, is now leading his defence to the charge that on July 26, in Georgetown, he discharged a loaded a firearm at Ewart Blair, with intent to commit murder.

Swain has denied the allegation.

During the continuation of the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the charge in Georgetown yesterday, now-on-remand policeman Derwin Eastman continued giving evidence about an oral statement he allegedly took from the accused.

Subsequent to Eastman’s testimony, the court ruled that the oral statement was made freely and voluntarily and went on to tell the accused that a prima facie case was made out against him.

When asked by the Chief Magistrate if he wished to say anything, Swain stated that for two years he lived on Hadfield Street and that on the day of the alleged crime he went on the road and returned home. He added that he didn’t go anywhere else that night until Eastman turned up and arrested him.

Swain then told the court that he wished to call a witness.

Subsequently, the proceedings were adjourned until today.

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