Alberttown man remanded on drug trafficking charge after 125 lbs ganja bust

A 27-year-old Alberttown man was yesterday remanded to prison on a charge that he had 125 pounds of ganja for trafficking.

The allegation against Tishan Haywood is that on December 6, at Alberttown, he had in his possession 56.7 kilos (equivalent to 125 pounds) of cannabis for trafficking.

Haywood’s attorney told Magis-trate Leron Daly in Georgetown that the narcotic was found is an open yard that is highly trafficked. He also stated that there were seven other persons in the yard at the time of the find and four of them were arrested with his client.

The prosecution’s case, however, is that Haywood was under police surveillance and was seen by ranks, along with another person, taking bags from a car to a structure under the house.

The court heard from the prosecutor that a search was conducted and the police found a bag in a chicken pen, containing a quantity of leaves, seeds and stems suspected to be cannabis.

Haywood was later arrested and charged.  Magistrate Daly denied bail and remanded Haywood to prison until December 22.

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