Suspect in shooting of No. 72 granny, child surrenders

A man who was on the run after allegedly invading a home at Number 72 Village, Corentyne and discharging several rounds, wounding a grandmother and a five-year-old child, surrendered to police on Friday evening.

Commander of ‘B’ Division Lyndon Alves confirmed that the man is in police custody after turning himself in at the Number 51 Police Station.

He told Sunday Stabroek that the man confessed to committing the act of discharging the rounds on November 26.

According to information gathered, the accused has also told police that a relative of the homeowner was reportedly involved with his [the accused’s] wife.

Savitrie Hassan

Police are still investigating.

Savitrie Hassan, also known as ‘Seeta,’ 52, of Lot 22 Section ‘B,’ Number 72 Village, Corentyne, had previously told this newspaper that around 3.30 am on November 26, her former neighbour invaded her house.

At the time, there were six persons in the house.

Hassan said that she, her granddaughter, Renuka Hassan, also known as ‘Arianna,’ five, and her husband were all sleeping on a bed on the ground at the time, while her daughter and her baby were sleeping on another bed in the same room, and her son was sleeping in another room.

“We were sleeping and he come in and cut off the one light and all me hear is some shot fire and me feel me belly start burn and me granddaughter start cry and abie jump up… me start holla and me see he run out through the back door. Like he open the door and so before he shoot,” she recounted.

The woman explained that they then discovered that her granddaughter had sustained injuries in several places on her left leg. They were rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital, where they were treated.

Thirteen pellets were removed from the child’s left leg, while the grandmother sustained injuries to her lower abdomen.

Since then, the accused had been on the run.

Meanwhile, according to Navin Mirhassan, the father of the five-year-old, only last Sunday he rushed his daughter once more to the Skeldon Hospital, where it was discovered that the child’s foot was infected and she was admitted to the hospital as a result. He said it appeared that some pellets had not been removed. On Thursday afternoon, however, the man had the child discharged from the hospital in order to take her to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital for treatment.

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