Shot robber gets over four years in jail for robbery of bank guard

Junior Allen, the man who was shot last Friday after the violent robbery of a security guard, pleaded guilty to the crime and was sentenced to 56 months in prison by a city magistrate yesterday.

The charge against Allen, 27, stated that on December 8th, at Waterloo Street, he robbed Esther Vanvield of a cellphone, valued $35,000, and at the time of, before, or after, used personal violence towards her.

The prosecution’s case was that Vanvield was at work when Allen attempted to pick up her cellphone. She tried to prevent him from taking the phone and Allen held on to the device and dealt her several cuffs and made his escape. A team of security guards were alerted and they confronted Allen, who was shot and apprehended. The stolen cellphone was recovered.

Prior to sentencing, Allen noted that he was previously found guilty for breaking and entering and larceny.

Magistrate Judy Latchman said she considered his swift guilty plea and the fact he was previously found guilty for another matter in guiding her decision to sentence Allen to 56 months.

Stabroek News previously reported that the attack occurred around 5.15 am, when Vanvield was on duty in the compound of the Republic Bank Training Centre.

The police, in a press statement, had said shortly after the commission of the crime, Vanvield, alerted her supervisor and security personnel of the private security company responded. The suspect, who was described by the victim, was subsequently spotted in close proximity to the crime scene. The police added that he was approached and he allegedly drew a cutlass and attacked a member of the response team, who discharged a round, which struck him. 

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