Kato school gets  green light for January opening

The never-occupied $728 million Kato Secondary School, in Region Eight, which had to be rehabilitated after an audit found that it was unsafe for children, has been given the “green light” to be opened next month.

This is more than two years after initial construction of the building would have been completed by contractor Kares Engineering.

APNU+AFC Member of Parliament Rajcoomarie Bancroft related the news to the House last week Thursday, when she gave a progress report on work done in the hinterland regions. She stated that the building is currently being furnished.

During an audit of the structure, which was conducted by Rodrigues Architects Limited last August, the building was found to display poor construction, including cracked and crumbling concrete floors and walls, termite-infested wood, unstable safety bars, the protrusion of steel from its walls and poor installation of lab equipment. It was stated that repairs to the building would cost at least $144 million. The firm, Vikab was sole-sourced to supervise the remedial works, which were also to be done by Kares Engineering.

Bancroft also announced that a primary school is currently under construction at Kaibarupai, to ease overcrowding at the old primary school located there.

In addition, she stated that a new building was constructed and handed over to serve as a primary school in Micobie.

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