Salesman robbed of $1M cash outside Demerara Park

A salesman was robbed of $1 million in cash on Saturday night, when he was attacked by two bandits while about to hand over the day’s sales to his employer outside Demerara Park, East Bank Demerara.

Police told Stabroek News that Sayaid Ahamad, 36, of Section ‘B,’ Diamond Housing Scheme, was relieved of a black plastic bag containing the cash and his car keys around 6.45pm Saturday in front of Demerara Park.

It is suspected that Ahamad was trailed by the bandits.

Before the attack, he had visited Sun Foods Enterprise. He then proceeded to Demerara Park to hand over the cash to his employer, who was at Banks DIH Limited at the time.

Upon arrival there, he stopped at the entrance and was waiting on the security to open the gate when a car pulled up alongside his car and two men, whose faces were concealed,

The men demanded that Ahamad hand over the cash in his possession and he complied. The men then made good their escape with the stolen cash.

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