Electrician fined $75,000 for windscreen damage

An electrician was yesterday fined $75,000 after pleading guilty to damaging a windscreen.

The charge against Kevin Hamilton stated that on October 25th at Carmichael Street he unlawfully and maliciously damaged one car windscreen, valued at $150,000.

Hamilton stated that on the day in question, he was driving into the parking lot of his work place when he was stopped at the gate and told he could not enter. He said that he came out of the car and told the person who was at the gate that he works in the building but the person insisted that he could not enter. An argument began between him and the individual which eventually led to an altercation between the two of them.

Subsequent to the encounter at the gate, Hamilton then drove into the parking lot. He then said that the windscreen got damaged because  the complainant then drove past him in a reckless manner causing him to swing around and hit the windscreen of the complainant’s car, causing it to be damaged. Hamilton admitted that he had overreacted, following the incident at the gate and had offered to replace the windscreen. He replaced the windscreen for the complainant’s car but it was not to the liking of the complainant.

Magistrate Fabayo Azore stated that she considered the facts that he had pled guilty and that he did buy a windscreen which was not to the complainant’s liking.

The magistrate then imposed a fine of $75,000.

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