Sex workers attacked by bandits near Bourda Market

Armed bandits on Tuesday night attacked and robbed two sex workers in the vicinity of Bourda market, who managed to disarm them during a scuffle.

The incident occurred about 9.15 pm on  Tuesday during which the sex workers were relieved of their motorcycle and a cellular phone.

The police said that one of the suspects was pursued and he was apprehended on Camp Street. He has been positively identified and the stolen motorcycle was recovered. According to a police press release, the victims were seated on their motorcycle at the corner of Croal Street and Orange Walk, Bourda, when they were pounced on by the four bandits who arrived in a motorcar.

During the process, the police said, the victims were relieved of their valuables and a scuffle ensued during which one the bandits was relieved of one of their firearms by the victims who valiantly attempted to restrain them from escaping.

The suspect who remains in custody is said to be co-operating with the police.

His three accomplices remains on the lam.

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