`Serious breach’ of security at Bourda outpost – Mayor

There was a “serious breach” of security at the Bourda Outpost, Mayor Patricia Chase-Green said on Monday, when she related that the officers involved have been transferred from the location.

In light of the incident, which she would not give details on, Chase-Green at Monday’s statutory meeting advised the Town Clerk Royston King that an emergency meeting needs to be held to address how the areas under the constabulary are manned at night.

She indicated that those involved were transferred to the Alberttown police station and were released on bail Monday morning. They were to report to the station again on Wednesday to assist with the investigations.

“…I must congratulate the acting Chief Constable for the professional way in which she acted in this matter…immediately notifying myself and the Town Clerk, and having taken the decision to not wait on us to instruct her on how to move on such a serious matter,” the Mayor stated.

Chase-Green has in recent times had to upbraid officers at the City Constabulary for dropping the ball on matters, an issue she has been very vocal about.

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