Meten-Meer-Zorg man dies after `Chic Chic’ mayhem

-one chopped, two others run over by vehicle

Amit Jairam

At least two men are reportedly in critical condition and one has died, after they were attacked and struck down at an event at the Tarla Dam tarmac, Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Demerara  on Saturday night.

Dead is Amit Roy Jairam, also called Rocky, 36, of Lot 76 East Meten-Meer-Zorg. All the victims of the incident are reportedly residents of the village.

It has been alleged that the perpetrator, a 54-year-old Stewartville resident, who once served as a police officer, in rage, chopped one of the men and struck the other three down. The attack reportedly followed a misunderstanding over a “Chic Chic” board game.

The police have said that the events unfolded around 9:30 pm.

The area where the mayhem occurred

According to police, the attacker, who is presently in custody, after the misunderstanding occurred, went to his minibus, BTT 5707, retrieved a cutlass, then returned to the scene, where he dealt 20-year-old Premnauth Basdeo a chop to the head.

Next, he got into his vehicle and drove into the crowd of persons that was attending to the injured man, and so doing, struck down Jairam. Subsequently, the man was said to have returned to his vehicle and struck down two others—Randy Melville, 22, and Mohamed Ahmad, 43.

According to a relative of Jairam’s, however, Jairam was struck down from behind while returning home with Basdeo. It was after this, Sukdeo said, that the other two were hit.

The men were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital to be treated, but Jairam passed away around 9am yesterday.

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