Armed bandits rob women in Lamaha Park home

Bandits during the wee hours of Monday robbed a Lamaha Park home which was occupied by three women.

Police said at around 3 am, three masked men two of whom were armed with handguns invaded the home and carted off items valued at over  $150,000.

Information gathered stated that the victims Phenila Rogers, Olivia Haymer and Donelle Charles were sleeping when the men entered.

Charles told investigators that she secured the house before they retired to bed but at around 2.55 am she was awakened by a strange noise from the bottom flat of the house. Upon enquiring, she was confronted by three masked men who were making their way to the upper flat through the inner stairs. One of the bandits, police said, held Charles at gunpoint and returned with her upstairs.

The men after entering the top flat woke up Rogers and Haymer. Next, they tied their eyes with jerseys and placed them in a room. One of the bandits stayed behind and guarded the women. His two accomplices proceeded to remove valuables from the various bedrooms.

Police said the men escaped with two Blu phones, two Plum phones and a Samsung galaxy S 5c phone, a total value of $101,000, $22.000 cash, two Lenovo tablets worth $40,000 and other items.

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