City Hall extends rates amnesty

City Hall has extended its amnesty to December 31, and is working with rates and tax payers to develop payment plans to assist with paying off their debt.

John Douglas, Acting City Treasurer, related such yesterday, when he also announced that the Mayor and City Council will be establishing booths around the city in 2018 to facilitate the payment of rates and taxes.

The booths, which are expected to provide a “better, stronger and more prudent accounting system” for the Council, will be located at various markets and at other strategic locations around the city.

Douglas revealed yesterday that the period of amnesty, which lasted from November 15 to December 15, garnered in excess of $100 million. Of that sum, more than $250 million was waived in interest rates.

But Douglas noted that as there were still persons who struggled to meet the deadline, Council has made the decision to offer payment plans so those who owe can clear their debt and begin the New Year on a clean slate.

“We are saying if you come now within the amnesty period, we would give you 100% interest-free. Also, whatever you owe on your demand, you come into us, you speak to us, you make a down payment, and we will organize a plan within six months or so, so that you can pay off the rest,” he said.

He emphasized that paying off the debt is important because interest is accumulated, and reminded that with the revaluation of properties in 2018, if property values were to go up, interest rates would as well.

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