Giftland reverts to $1,000 entrance fee for holiday period

One day after the Giftland Mall announced the implementation of a $3,000 redeemable entrance fee for the Christmas season, a decision was made to revert to the $1,000 fee in place last year.

The fee is aimed at limiting the number of loiterers who flock the mall in the days leading up to Christmas so that shoppers are accommodated in an environment that is both safe and comfortable during the busy Christmas season.

“I don’t want people to feel that Giftland is against young people, but we have to do this to ensure that things do not get out of hand,” said Chairman of the Giftland Mall, Roy Beepat,  during a press conference on Monday.

However, in an advisory published yesterday on the company’s Facebook page, it was noted that not only has the fee been reduced but that it will only be applied to selected persons.

Persons who are considered “regular customers,” VIP card holders, families or kids accompanied by parents and persons over the age of 25 will not be required to pay the entrance fee.

Important to note it said is that the $1000 fee is redeemable at any of the stores in the mall and will only be applicable on selected times on Sunday, December 24 (Christmas Eve).

In addition to this, the management also announced that they will be working with the Guyana Police Force to have 30 additional officers in the mall and in the parking lot during the holiday season.

Stabroek News also understands that the company has extended its parking area for the benefit of its customers and has asked for the assistance of the National Aquatic Centre and the Arthur Chung Convention Centre in facilitating customers parking there during the busy holiday season.

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