Kaituma break and enter accused granted bail

A teenaged boy was yesterday granted bail after he denied breaking into a store in an attempt to commit a felony.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan read the charge to Shawn Cornelius, which stated that on December 16, at Waterfront, Port Kaituma, he broke and entered the business premises of Godfrey Lambert with the intent to commit a felony.

Cornelius, 18, denied the allegation.

Police prosecutor Arvin Moore objected to bail being granted, noting that the accused has pending matters of a similar nature.

The defendant, however, told the court that he no longer has a matter before the court since the complainant offered no evidence against him. This information was supported by the investigating rank, however, he was unable to state whether or not the matter was finished.

The accused told the court that on a day-to-day basis he would earn a living by carrying water from the river to fill person’s water drums, picking up garbage or mining. Cornelius noted that he was carrying water when he was stopped by the police and the complainant, beaten with a mop stick and told that he had broken into the store.

After hearing from both the defendant and the complainant, the Chief Magistrate granted the accused $20,000 bail and placed him on a bond to be of good behaviour.  He was also ordered to report to the Port Kaituma Police Station every Friday until the completion of the trial.

The matter was then adjourned to February 6, 2018, when it will be heard at the Matthews Ridge Magistrate’s Court.

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