Legal advice being sought on Leguan shooting incident

The file on the investigation of gunshots being fired from the home of an Alliance for Change (AFC) official at Amsterdam, Leguan has been sent for legal advice.

Acting Police Commander of ‘G’ Division Khali Pareshram told Stabroek News that investigators have wrapped up their investigations and sent the file to the office of the police legal advisor. They are awaiting the advice before proceeding any further with the matter.

The official who has been identified as Kamal Roy Narine told investigators that the gunshots from his house were aimed at a caiman.

Police at Leguan, Region 3 (Essequibo Islands/West Demerara) had launched an investigation into a shooting from the home of Narine, following a report that was made at the police station on the night of the incident. The shooting occurred at around 9:45 pm on Saturday, November 25. A police source told Stabroek News that a report had been made to the Leguan police station by three men who were fishing at sea. According to the men they were fishing when two shots were fired in their direction.

The acting commander explained that Narine owns several fish ponds in his yard and on the night in question he said he saw a caiman which he believed was eating the fish from the ponds. Upon seeing the caiman, Narine told investigators his friend, who was with him and who is a licensed firearm holder, fired two shots at the reptile.

From preliminary investigations it was found that the gunshots fired were not a direct threat to the persons who were fishing on the sea dam. The shots fired came 200 feet away from where the persons were fishing on the sea dam.

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