Top Cop issues pointers for the season

Acting Commissioner of Police David Ramnarine today issued a message with pointers to citizens on how they should navigate the festive season. His message follows:


The peak of the festive season is upon us; everywhere there is general feeling of euphoria as citizens and foreigners commute to and fro in order to enjoy their fair share of fun, frolic and homecoming; and while there is no other occasion in the world such as the Christmas Season, from the side of law enforcement safety and security, the Guyana Police Force must still caution or remind citizens of this beautiful country that self-preservation is nature’s first law.


It is with the above in mind and wanting to ensure that each and every citizen, boy or girl, man or woman and visitors alike go about their engagements and celebrations in peace and harmony, understanding in this process that respect for and with each other, conformity with laws and regulations and engendering the spirit of true neighbourliness are the hallmarks to be kept in mind.


Further, we plead against the non-use of squibs and firecrackers, excessive drinking of intoxicating liquor, loud and obnoxious behavior, non-wearing of seat belts, not leaving early to get somewhere in time as against leaving late and being in a rush to get there.


Now that the rainy season seems to be upon us, the driving public should be fully alert and exercise good care and common sense, consideration, courtesy and caution as you traverse the roadways for if we all endeavour to bear these things in mind at all times, we surely will be well on our way not only to have an enjoyable season of peace, good health and prosperity but one in which individually and collectively we would have contributed significantly to public safety and security.


To the shopping public and even those engage in widespread window shopping, be careful of how you carry, handle and display your finances, including your precious bits of jewelry and do not leave your hard earned cash in vehicles without ‘security’.


You are also reminded of the security of your homes in your absence and to be mindful to report the presence of not only strange or suspicious characters in the vicinity but while travelling and in particular if driving to report any suspicious activity from or by another vehicle.


            David Ramnarine, DSM

       (ag) Commissioner of Police

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