Police impersonator thwarted in Goed Fortuin robbery bid

A bandit who disguised himself as a policeman and an accomplice attempted to rob a Goed Fortuin grocery shop on Thursday sometime around 7pm.

The bandits’ plan was however thwarted after the owner, Kawallpattie Samaroo’s nephew responded with a cutlass and chased off the bandits.

Police said the bandits, one wearing a police blue and black uniform with hat and his accomplice dressed in a grey striped jersey  and grey short pants visited the Lot 2 Goed Fortuin, West Coast Demerara location and enquired from the owner if any robbery had occurred at her shop.

After Samaroo responded in the negative, police said the bandits asked if she had any illegal items stocked at the shop to which she also responded in the negative.

One of the bandits then pulled Samaroo and took her into the shop and the accomplice followed. Upon hearing the commotion, the nephew responded with a cutlass in his hand. It was then the bandits aborted their plan and escaped.

The police said that as the bandits were escaping one pulled out a gun from his waist and fired a shot. No one was injured.

The bandits hopped into a waiting car bearing registration number PVV 895 and escaped.

No arrest has been made and investigations are ongoing.

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