Waneka Arrindell new Mayor-elect of Linden

Waneka Arrindell

Waneka Arrindell, who has served as Deputy Mayor of Linden for the past two years is the new Mayor-elect of the mining town.

Arrindell will be assuming the post of Mayor as of April 1, 2018, taking over the position from Carwyn Holland, who will conclude his second term on March 31st. Holland did not run for re-election.

The Deputy Mayor elect is Wainewright Bethune and Derron John was re-elected to serve as Finance Chairman.

Arrindell, speaking with Stabroek News last evening, said that she was happy councillors felt confident in her capabilities to represent them.

She also highlighted some of the areas the council will be focusing on in the upcoming year, relating that improving garbage collection services is a priority among the council as they seek to “move in line with the green economy”.

Also high on the agenda is adding adequate lighting to communities to ensure the safety of the citizens, patching the roads and extending and improving the burial ground.

“There must be some emphasis placed on all so bit by bit we will be able to bring our community to the state where our people are proud to be called Lindeners,” she added, stating that the aim is to “meet the people” and ensure they are the ones that benefit.

Linden is the first municipality to hold its annual Mayoral elections, and Mayor Holland indicated last evening that councillors had pushed for the elections to be held early, but would not comment further on that aspect.

Holland related that he had chosen not to seek re-election because of plans to further his studies next year.

Holland stated that he is happy to support the newly-elected team of leaders in the upcoming year and is excited to assist in the transitioning process.

“I feel blessed and thankful to God for allowing me the opportunity to serve as the first Linden-born Mayor for two terms. I was very privileged to have an opportunity to serve and I’m just gonna do whatever I can do to support those who will be managing the town from April 2018,” he said.

He stated that while Arrindell has a challenging task ahead, he believes if she receives the support of the administration and staff, she will be able to get a substantial amount done.

“I think that on the current trajectory that Linden is on, in terms of development it’s a wonderful time for her to reign as Mayor,” Holland stated, adding that Linden is now one of the top municipalities within the country, having come out from a “desperate position”.

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