Sparendaam, Plaisance getting water from newly-drilled well

Managing Director of GWI, Dr Richard Van West-Charles (left) and Chairman of the Board, Patricia Chase-Green during the visit. (GWI photo)

The introduction of a newly drilled well at Sparendaam, East Coast Demerara saw residents expressing their satisfaction to a team of GWI officials during a walk-through of the community on Christmas Eve day.

A GWI release said that the team comprised Chair of GWI’s Board of Directors,  Patricia Chase-Green; Managing Director of GWI, Dr Richard Van West-Charles and Executive Director of Operations, Dwayne Shako among others.

GWI said that residents related to Dr Van West-Charles that they have seen a significant improvement in pressure and hours of supply, with access to water in the day and night.

“At first it wasn’t so good but since they look after the well down the back there, it indeed has improved and I think it is on whole night also and it’s a bit cleaner”, said one customer of Sparendaam

However, some residents said that they are receiving water with high iron content.

“We getting water much better than before. The pressure is good, just that we hoping the brownness clear up…otherwise to that everything is good with the water…around 10:00pm water coming upstairs, first you used to have to wait long”, one resident, Shenetta David indicated.

“What you’re going to find, is because you haven’t had water in the lines for a long time, when you start, all that rust and everything will come out so don’t get alarmed…By mid-January we will be putting the product (SeaQuest) to treat the red water. So in addition to the pressure, all customers within the community will get very clear water”, Dr. Van West- Charles assured.

Shako added that the overhead tank at Sparendaam is expected to be reactivated by the first quarter of the new year, after being checked, tested and disinfected.

Speaking to members of the Plaisance District Council, a few residents and the media, Dr. Van West-Charles said “So you have ample water supply now for both Sparendaam and Plaisance. We’re now going to look at treating it”.

He assured them that should any issues arise with the water system, they can contact the regional staff or himself.

During the walk-about activity, GWI used the opportunity to share tokens to residents for the holidays, the release said.

The improvement of water service to the Plaisance/Sparendaam areas is the fulfillment of a promise made by Guyana Water Inc. to provide 24-hour service for Christmas, GWI said.

It comes after approximately four weeks of drilling and seven weeks of preparatory works at the new Sparendaam well, which was drilled by Dutch firm De Ruiter Groundwatertechneik.

The new well has a depth of 764ft. With this depth, the well is producing 200 cubic metres of water per hour which GWI says is equivalent to approximately 100, 450-gallon black tanks of water per hour.

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