City reminds amnesty on interest ends Dec 31

The Mayor and City Council is  reminding all property owners that the amnesty on accrued interest will come to an end on the December 31, 2017.

In a statement yesterday, it said that this is the final opportunity for property owners to settle their outstanding accounts with the Georgetown Municipality. It said it is pleased with the support received from property owners and business community thus far.

It added that citizens should know that for the New Year all property within the City will be revalued and obviously general rates will be increased. Hence, this amnesty presents the last  opportunity for rate payers to settle their old accounts and begin on a fresh note for the upcoming year.

“The money received will help us provide important services such as: garbage collection and disposal, desilting of drains and canals, repair of roads, maintenance of parapets, open spaces and play parks, public health services, and day care facilities.

“Further, the collection of outstanding rates owed would enable the Council to sustain the basic level of services”, the release added.

The council thanked all those who would have utilized this facility and urged those who have not to make good use of the opportunity provided by the Georgetown Municipality.

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