City to step up action against derelict vehicles

The Georgetown  Mayor and City Council (M&CC) says it has restarted an aggressive campaign  which aims at the removal of all derelict vehicles and other encumbrances from roadsides, sidewalks, parapets and reserves belonging to the City.

In a statement yesterday, the Council says it has observed that there has been an expansion in the amount of abandoned vehicles left on the Council’s parapets and reserves.  

“Old vehicles left on public thoroughfares is an environmental and a traffic hazard. Further, it is a contravention of the Municipal & District Councils Act Chapter 28:01. Also, it provides a haven for criminal elements to hide out and pounce on unsuspecting citizens, thus compromising the public safety of neighbourhoods. The Council has commenced this operation in Kitty and will continue in Meadowbrook, South Ruimveldt, Campbellville and other areas in the City where the need arises”, the statement said.  

The Town Clerk Royston King added that citizens should co-operate to have all old vehicles or materials on the City’s property removed. If they refuse then such vehicles would be discarded by the authorities. King said, that errant persons will have to place their old vehicles or whatever objects they have on Council’s property in their personal spaces.

King said that the Council will also be looking at citizens who block parapets and other entrances to their properties with boulders and other objects. He said that these practices are unsafe and illegal.

According to  King, “No citizen has the right to block or hinder access to public spaces”.

 He said those persons, who place “No Parking” and other illegal signs in city spaces, to prevent access by other citizens are doing so illegally and this won’t be permitted.




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