Skeldon Energy Inc terminating contracts

As the upheaval in the sugar industry continues, the Skeldon Energy Inc (SEI) has served notice that all existing contracts will be terminated effective December 31, 2017 “in order to consolidate the recruitment of some severed GuySuCo workers and staff”.

Hundreds of Skeldon estate workers have been sacked as part of wide scale revamping of the sugar industry leaving the whole region in gloom.

SEI generates power for the Skeldon estate which will no longer be in operation.

In its notice, SEI said that SEI workers and staff who are desirous of continued employment with SEI on a short-term contractual basis must submit their applications to the General Manager’s Office by January 2nd, 2018.

Similarly, severed GuySuCo workers interested in short-term contractual employment with SEI must also submit their applications by January 2nd to the General Manager’s office.

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