Austin’s back-to-school winners

Austin’s Book Services and School Supplies yesterday announced the winners in its Back-to-School Promotion that took place as scheduled at the store.  The prizes were drawn by customers present in the store to ensure that there was a transparent process.

The winners are as follows:

1st Prize – 1 Lenovo Laptop – Promise Firi – Lot 204 D’Andrade Street, Newtown Kitty

2nd Prize – 1 Samsung Tablet – Samantha Singh – 2 Lamaha Street, Queenstown

3rd Prize – 1 Samsung Mini-Tablet – Joshua Bharat – 34 Timehri Public Road EBD

10 Consolation Prizes – $25,000 in Vouchers Redeemable at the store

Alexander Hohenkirk – 14 Samaroo Dam Pouderoyen WBD

Dionne Willis – 158 Sunflower Circle South R/veldt Park

Charlene Shivnauth – 22 Providence EBD

Stephen Telford – 86 Prince William Street, Plaisance ECD

Amanda Alli – 42 Houston Gardens

Gail McPhoy – 118 Vryheid’s Lust (South) Housing Scheme ECD

Mark Ferreira – L Soesdyke EBD

Michelle Rambaran – 15 Robin’s Place, Bel Air Park

Karen Roberts – 1147 Crane Place South R/veldt Park

Angelina De Abreu – 47 John and Sherriff Streets

The winners are advised that they can uplift their prizes at Austin’s Book Services and School Supplies from Wednesday 3rd January 2018 anytime after 13:00hrs.  They must take along a valid form of identification.

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