New Year’s fireworks for Stabroek Square

This year’s firework display will be conducted at the Stabroek Square to allow Guyanese in Georgetown, on the East Bank, West Bank and West Coast Demerara to view what is anticipated to be a spectacular display.

Stabroek News understands the Georgetown Mayor and City Council have already consulted with the vendors in the area and will be executing a sanitation exercise at the market.

Meanwhile, in responding to questions asked about the age of the wooden structures that make up the market and the flammability of same, King said the council does not expect there to be any issues.

“We have had discussions with all parties concerned and we are satisfied that fireworks could be done using our facility and we are in fact very happy that they have decided they will be using that area. We believe that it is an appropriate area and we believe that it’s a good thing and it’s a good change… We are re-sanitizing the area and we have asked vendors to pull back a bit and to cooperate with us so that we can have a good exercise old year’s night,” King said.

Nevertheless, those at the Central Fire Service along with the City Constabulary and other officer will be on standby during the exercise.

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