Brothers shot dead in T&T’s Laventille

(Trinidad Guardian) Two Laventille brothers were ambushed as they slept at the La Pena Street home early yesterday morning in what relatives say was aimed at getting their home, which is prime vantage point for two warring gangs in the area.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre, relatives of the men, Dexter Williams, 43 and Lloyd Johnson 31, said the men were both hard workers and did not sererve to die like that.

The relatives said Williams, known by all as “Baby” was a mason and despite losing his left arm a few years ago after he was attacked with a cutlass, he still managed not just to continue his trade but be “one of the baddest masons” in the community and country according to them.

The first born of eight children was born in St Vincent, like his mother, and the family struggled to build their home relatives said, having to carry blocks, water and gravel before going to school to ensure that the workmen had the necessary material to build the family’s home. His brother, the fifth child was the father of one.

Relatives said Johnson had a 10-year-old son and was an expert welder. His Facebook page was littered with pictures praising the art of welding. Relatives said both men lived in the house alone after their mother died and stayed even after a younger sibling was shot, also in an attempt to gain control of the strategically placed house.

“My mother house located in the middle of a turf war. Where it is it between two different zones. It’s a major block for any one of them. Rasta and Muslim” one relative said adding that the house was not properly fenced and which would have allowed the killers to enter and leave almost undetected.

“They (killers) behind the house for years now. They even shot one of my little brothers before about two three years ago for the same thing. Most anyone could say about my brothers would be that they smoked weed. Nothing else beside that. Lloyd liked to dress and look nice and he liked his welding and women. Dexter now like his weed and his belly” relatives said.

A relative added that the last fond memory the family had at the death house was a Sunday luncheon turned family lime before the matriarch died.

Relatives said the killings will not guarantee that those who are adamant about getting the house will succeed. One relatives said she will use her power granted to her through the Orisha faith to ensure that anyone who seeks to take control of the family home will meet a similar fate to her brothers.

“I hope the fellas who do this their parents could find money to see about them when I done with them that’s all I have to say. Because I don’t understand what Lavenitlle coming to this thing reaching in children school and all. Just this I had to go in my son school, Our Lady of Laventille Primary School, for the same Rasta and Muslim war. It reach standard four and five” one relative said.

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