ANSA McAl training women staff in self defense

(Trinidad Guardian) The ANSA Mc Al Group has taken the challenge upon themselves to train its women staff in self defense, especially given the fact that there has been several recent reports of crime violence against women throughout the country—some of them beaten, abducted and in some instances, killed.
On Wednesday, Sensei Brian Chin Leung, chief instructor of Shotokan Karate of T&T (Skott) and an eighth degree black belt in karate, held his first session, the introductory class on the Third Floor of the Tatil carpark in Maraval.

Speaking with the T&T Guardian, Chin Leung described it as a sad state when he referred to the attacks against women but added that as a result a lot of women are now leaning towards getting themselves fully trained in self defense.

“Not only is self defense good but it is also beneficial that women keep themselves physically fit to that point of self defense,” Chin Leung said.

In briefing the class, Chin Leung urged the women to always follow their instincts.

“The key to self defense is to always follow your God-given instinct because it is there to protect you…If you are getting a bad feeling about someone, stay away from that person,” Chin Leung said.

The idea to have the class was conceived by the company’s Group Director, Human Resource, Teresa White.

White explained that she was returning from exercising around the Queen’s Park Savannah when the idea came to her.

“It’s important right now with the way things are going with respect to gender-base violence in T&T. It is something that we need to do,” White said as she gave a brief address.

She urged the participants to learn, “it can make all the difference to get that advantage. And, ensure that you are not the victim of something horrible.”

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