Man, daughter shot to death in T&T

(Trinidad Express) “Mommy I love you. I will come with daddy to pick you up”.

Those were the last words Kernisha Solomon heard from her five-year-old daughter Thursday evening, when she was dropped off at work.

Solisha Solomon

Yesterday morning, the woman came home to ind that her daughter and husband had been shot to death.

Their bodies were inside the family’s small wooden home at Mamoral No. 1, central Trinidad.

Solomon Joseph, 36, was found at the base of a bed, with one foot on the mattress. Daughter Solisha was in the bed, and the first responder thought she was asleep until her wounds were discovered.

The mother, Kernisha Solomon worked the 7p.m. to 3a.m. shift at a casino.

The killings were discovered at around 4a.m. after Solomon, 22, tried contacting her husband, because he was late in picking her up from work.

Solomon Joseph

When he did not answer, she contacted a neighbour who when went to check on the family. It was the neighbour who found Solomon Joseph dead, and thought the daughter was still asleep. Solisha Solomon was a first year pupil of the Carapo Roman Catholic Primary School.

The family car, a station wagon, was parked in the garage. The police searched the vehicle this morning. There is an occupied house next door, but no one heard anything. The motive for the murders, and whether more than one killer was involved, is unknown.

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