Comatose security guard opens one eye

(Trinidad Guardian) Shot in the head and left for dead, comatose security guard Rakesh Ramkaran has opened an eye, says his family.

They remain hopeful he will survive despite the grim prognosis given by doctors.

Ramkaran was shot in the head by gunmen at his workplace in Penal on March 16.

The 24-year-old of Red Brick Trace worked as a security guard with Travtech Security at Duncan Village, San Fernando.

Little hope remained for Ramkaran’s recovery.

However, the family has not given up. Ramkaran’s sister, Daminie, said her brother opened one eye although he was paralysed and in a hospital bed.

She said: “His fever went down and he opened one eye. There is still no movement, but the doctors are waiting to see how he will progress.”

She said no further surgeries have been done on her brother.

Rakesh Ramkaran

Ramkaran was the only one employed in his family.

He also has an infant son who lives with his mother in the neighbouring community.

His case remains unsolved by police. The security firm he worked for has been assisting the family financially and will continue to do so until he recovers, the Express was told.

Ramkaran was described as someone who put his family first and did not keep “bad” company.

He was known as a kind and helpful person.

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