Two men gunned down in T&T, families baffled

(Trinidad Express) Relatives of two men who were shot dead in Kelly Village on Thursday night said they were unable to understand why they were murdered as they were not involved in any illegal activity.

Police said around 9.30 p.m., Ian Jordan, 31, and Dillon Samuel, 20, were sitting in front of a mini-mart owned by Jordan, in Herrera Trace, Kelly Village, when a white Nissan Tiida stopped near them.
One occupant leaned out and opened fire on the two men, hitting them multiple times about their bodies.
They were killed on the spot.
The Express met with the relatives of both men at the Forensic Science Centre in Federation Park yesterday.
A close relative of Samuel spoke first but she did not want to be named.
She said he had been working with CarSearch in St Augustine since October last year.
“He was quiet and the only thing with him was that he used to smoke weed and I used to talk to him about that, but he was not a rude child or anything.”
A man who said he was Samuel’s stepfather said: “I hear he used to be going there (Herrera Trace) to lime by a little parlour, and as he sat there eating KFC, a white Tiida pull up and it was like just so. He was definitely not the target and he didn’t give no trouble.”
He too asked not to be named, but recalled when his own son, Kenny Simon, was murdered in a similar manner in July 2011 when he was called out of his Caroni home, only to be greeted with gunshots fired from a passing Nissan Tiida.
“Yuh have to deal with it. It is hard, but you have to deal with it,” said the man.
Love and hate
The relatives of Jordan also asked not to be named.
A relative said he was the father of one girl, six.
She said the two were killed in front of Jordan’s mini-mart, which he planned to open fully next week.
She said: “We didn’t even have an official name of the business, but he was always set on making something for his daughter because today or tomorrow he not there, his daughter would have something, so to me it is very hurtful going into the parlour, but at the same time I don’t think I want to close it down.”
She added Jordan was the type of man who stood for what he believed in.
She said many people loved him but others hated him.
She said: “There were those that find his presence was too strong because you cannot bring him down as once he believe he is right, he is right, and some people could not handle that.”
The killings have pushed the murder toll to 289 for 2017.

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