Three burnt bodies identified from August fire

Confirmed: Two of the bodies are that of Michelle Harrylal and Michael Applewhite.

(Trinidad Express) The remains of three people killed and burned in a house in Carlsen Field three months ago have been identified.

The forensic testing confirmed that the three victims were Michelle Harrylal, Michael Applewhite and Marlon Dyer. Relatives of the three had submitted samples for DNA (deoxy-ribonucleic acid) testing within days of the killings, which happened on August 24.

The burnt remains of Harrylal, Applewhite and Dyer were found in Harrylal’s house in a rural farming community, off Tanteak Road.

Harrylal’s three-year-old son was found wandering a street in Carlsen Field that morning and had told people his mother had “gone to heaven”. Residents investigated and found the burnt-out house and remains of three people.

There was a trail of blood in the bushes leading to the house. The killings are unsolved.

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