UK social mobility chief quits- Sunday Times

LONDON (Reuters) – The head of Britain’s Social Mobility Commission has quit, accusing Prime Minister Theresa May of being too fixated on Brexit to improve the prospects of those from less privileged backgrounds, The Sunday Times newspaper reported.

May has vowed to create an economy which works for all Britons but Chairman Alan Milburn, a former minister in Tony Blair’s Labour government, said she was failing to deliver on her promises.

“The worst position in politics is to set out a proposition that you’re going to heal social divisions and then do nothing about it,” Milburn was quoted as saying by The Sunday Times newspaper.

“Talking the talk is all very well, but you also need to walk the walk. I see precisely no chance of making progress. They are so concerned with Brexit that there is no bandwidth to focus on any of this stuff.”

The entire board, including Milburn, has resigned, The Sunday Times reported.

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